Topps 2013 Chrome Hobby Box Wax

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Topps 2013 Chrome Hobby Box Wax.



Autographed Rookie Cards:

Autographs will be signed on card.

Refractor numbered to 499.
Blue Refractor numbered to 199.
Black Refractor numbered to 100.
Sepia Refractor numbered to 75.
Gold Refractor numbered to 50.
Red Refractor numbered to 25.
Atomic Refractor numbered to 10. Hobby Only
Super-Fractor numbered 1/1. Hobby Only
Printing Plates numbered 1/1. Hobby Only

Insert Autograph Cards:

Back-to-Back Die-Cut Autographs:

Dual autograph, featuring two stars, with one player and a sticker autograph on each side in a die-cut card design on refractor technology. #'d to 5. Hobby Only

2013 Topps Red-Hot Rookies:

Cards featuring on-card autographs from the top 10 players of the 2013 Rookie class. #'d to 25

Autograph Cards:

Autographed Chrome Buybacks:

Autographed repurchased Topps Chrome cards of superstars. #'d to 10

Triple Autographs:

Featuring a combination of Rookies and Veterans on Chrome refractor technology. #'d to 5 NEW!

Ultimate Chase Cards:

Continuing the theme from Topps Baseball Series 1 & Series 2. NEW!


Chrome Connections Die-cuts:

Die-cut cards, featuring one player, each card can be connected to create multiple combinations. NEW!

- Chrome Connections Die-cuts Autographs #'d to 25 or less NEW!
- Chrome Connections Die-cuts Relics #'d to 25 or less NEW!

1972 Topps Chrome:

Chrome version of the 1972 Topps design using the top MLB players. NEW!

- 1972 Topps Chrome Autographs #'d to 25

Division Die-cut Boxloader:

A box topper in the shape of a division flag. Each division flag will be printed on foilboard and feature sticker autographs of 5 modern MLB players in the division, one from each team. #'d to 25 NEW!

Auto Patch Base Card Variations: #'d to 10 Hobby Only

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