2014 Topps Update Series Baseball Hobby Wax Box

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2014 Topps Update Series Baseball Hobby Wax Box 

The 2014 Topps Update Series base set has 330 cards. Numbered separately from the Series 1 and Series 2 sets, it has a mix of rookies and veterans as well as subsets for the All-Star Game, Home Run Derby, Rookie Debuts and top plays from the first half of the regular season.

Hobby and jumbo packs offer several parallels: Red Hot Foil (1:6 hobby packs), Gold (#/2014), Green Camo (#/99), Black (#/63), Pink (#/50), Clear (#/10), Printing Plates and Platinum (1/1). Clear cards are only in standard hobby packs, not jumbos.

Basic inserts are a mix of new themes and continuations of others from the earlier flagship sets. Concluding are the 1989 Mini Die-Cuts (1:8 packs), which take the 25-year-old design and give it some modern flair. Also finishing up is The Future Is Now (30 cards, 1:4 packs). Focusing on young players, The Future Is Now checklist has just ten players. Each has three cards dedicated to their top early-career moments. Power Players (25 cards, 1:6 packs) jumps from being a code theme to an insert of its own. World Series Heroes (50 cards, 1:8 packs) spotlights those who have come up clutch at the Fall Classic. Finally, Fond Farewells (15 cards, 1:8 packs) looks at big-name retirements.

All five basic inserts have relic and autographed versions. They're numbered and tough to find. 1989 Mini Die-Cut Autographs are signed on-card and numbered to 10. Select Power Players, The Future Is Now, World Series Heroes and Fond Farewells also have autographed relic parallels.

Trajectory returns from the first two sets, but only as an autograph and relic set. Trajectory Jumbo Relics are highlighted by over-sized swatches.

Strata Signature Relics are back too. These layered shadow box-style cards come with an on-card signature. The checklist has 25 players, all numbered to 25.

Own the Name takes letters from the backs of game-used jerseys. The set has 500 total cards, each a one-of-one.

A running theme in Update for several years now are autographs and memorabilia cards with an All-Star Game theme. All relics use swatches taken from Workout Day jerseys used during the All-Star festivities. All-Star Stitches includes 60-plus players with Gold (#/50) and Platinum (1/1) parallels. All-Star Stitches also has Autographed Relic (15 cards, #/25), Jumbo Patch (50 cards, #/6) and Jumbo Patch Autograph (10 cards, #/6) versions. All-Star Stitches Duals (ten cards, #/25) and Triples (ten cards, #/25) have multiple swatches.

Two sets of framed cards are back, combining to land one per hobby case. Derek Jeter Reprints recreate 21 of the retiring shortstop's Topps cards each with a black fram. There are also Silver Framed (#/25) and Gold Framed (#/10) parallels. Gold Framed Topps Gold Label (15 cards, #/99) take the design the dormant brand used in 2000. The insert set features current and retired players. Framed cards are exclusive to hobby and jumbo boxes.

Two sets of manufactured relics take on a World Series theme. World Series Championship Trophies (25 cards, #/99) spotlights October giants. Each card has a small replica trophy embedded in it. World Series Rings Silver (25 cards) have replica ring faces in them. Parallels include Gold (#/99), Gold Gems (#/25) and Gold Gems Autographs (#/10). Manufactured relics are a guaranteed jumbo box hit. They combine to fall one per standard hobby case.