1984 Fleer Baseball Complete Set

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1984 Fleer Baseball Complete Set

1984 Fleer Update Baseball is one of the most important -- and valuable -- sets released during the 1980s. Offering a checklist of traded players and rookies, it is a similar spin to the competing Topps Traded sets. But with a couple of big-name rookie cards from of players not in any other sets until 1985 and a limited print run, 1984 Fleer Update Baseball stands as the decade's best.

Like Topps Traded, 1984 Fleer Update Baseball has 132 cards. The design mimics the flagship 1984 Fleer Baseball set. The clean design has white borders with blue bands at the top and bottom of the cards. The top band has the Fleer logo while the bottom has the player's name and team logo. Positions are listed in the white area beneath the player's name.

Backs have a small black and white player photo. Stats and vital player info are done in blue ink. Cards are numbered U-1 to U-132.

The 1984 Fleer Update Baseball checklist is dominated by a pair of rookie cards: Roger Clemens and Kirby Puckett. Both were among the game's best and most popular players. Neither had any other cards in 1984, further adding to the significance of the set. Other rookies in the set include Dwight Gooden, Mark Langston, John Franco, Jose Rijo and Alvin Davis.

Compared to other sets released during the 1980s, 1984 Fleer Update Baseball has a very limited print run.

The sets came boxed. It is worth noting that they were not sealed in any way. Collectors looking for unsearched sets will want to inspect a box carefully to see if there's any distress where the box lid inserts. However, even then it's tough to be certain if a set has been opened.

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