New York Yankees Memorabilia

New York Yankees – Major League Baseball franchise since 1901.  Twenty-seven-times World Series Champions.

No other franchise – of any era, or in any sport – commands the sheer mystique owned by the fabled Yankees of New York.  The Yankees’ history boasts baseball’s most legendary player of all time – Babe Ruth. Its former venue, Yankee Stadium, was seen as a monument to diamond greatness.  Numerous icons have worn the team’s pinstripes, from Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, through heroes of modern times like Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter.  The organization evokes near-universal awe, and sometimes leaves “lesser” teams attempting only to shine in the Yankees’ reflected glory.

One generation of Yankees after another has produced stellar results.  The teams of the 1920s, known as “Murderer’s Row” and managed by Hall of Famer Miller Huggins, took took six pennants during that single decade, and the 1927 Yankees roster is often cited as the most powerful line-up, ever.  The team was so formidable that the Yankees kept winning (four consecutive pennants between 1936 and 1939) despite Ruth’s departure in 1934.

The 1940s brought Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio to the fore, with the expected levels of success, and his heyday transitioned neatly into the period featuring Mantle, Yogi Berra and Whitey Ford; again, five 1940s A.L. pennants were flown at the Stadium, and another eight were brought home during the 1950s.

Yet another winning dynasty emerged in the 1990s, when manager Joe Torre’s teams – spearheaded by Jeter, Rivera and players like Bernie Williams, Paul O’Neill and Jorge Posada – captured four World Series titles in a five-year span (1996-2000).

Most recently, since a 2009 World Series victory, the Bronx Bombers have been relatively stalled.  Injuries to key players (and breakout years by a few of their opponents) have thwarted Yankee ambitions.  But Manager Joe Girardi will be as resourceful as ever in coming years, and new winning streaks can be counted upon to occur sooner rather than later.